My little rebels love to try new and intelligently inventive equipment and we are so proud to introduce the Chillafish BMXie!  Clearly, creativity of a top-notch bicycle that adds more activity into regular play has a  significant benefit for outdoor play.  My daughter took one look at the vibrant yellow BMXie and could not wait to take a ride in the wind!  She is just learning how to ride without training wheels, so being able to use her feet was vital for her confidence.


It has been a little chilly outside these days, but that does not seem to sway the decision to grab some fresh air with the Chillafish BMXie!  My daughter has caught on pretty quick to the neat smooth motions of this terrific bike and she is one adventure away from complete balance… we can smell victory in the air!   The quality of the Chillafish bicycle is unmatched with a simplistic and quick ease to set up.  I would normally save the parts for my husband to fit together, but I am pretty handy with tools and since it only had a few fittings, we tackled the BMXie lickety split!


The Chillafish world of play encourages safe, but elated fun with the BMXie!  It is available in a variety of bright colors to match the personality of your active tot!  Avery absolutely loves the sunny yellow color and was ready to take the driveway over on her sleek new ride.  The handle bars have a nice grip for her to wrap her little fingers tightly around for secure sailing.  The durable body is made to last and I am sure this bicycle will be around long enough to share once she outgrows it!  The great thing is, I do not have to worry about her outgrowing it for a while; the seat is adjustable and made to grow right along with her to extend the life of ownership!


Rediscovering the fun in outdoor play with the all new design of the Chillafish BMXie is rewarding for everyone! Whether you are a parent or grandparent looking for the perfect gift, or just a great quality and unique bike, you will discover that this Chillafish bicycle brings a smile across the board!  I am ecstatic that my daughter is so fond of the BMXie and we could not be more impressed with this fantastic new item from Chillafish!


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