This week,  I went to Walmart, took my iPhone and I made $25 bucks while shopping.


I did not take coupons.  I did not shop sales.  I did not find money on the floor!

I downloaded an awesome new app called “Check In To Win”, scanned a few items right onto my phone with their easy to use scanner, spun the bonus wheel for extra points and racked up 135 points in less than 20 minutes!  And for my efforts – you know, to stand there, pick up a product, scan it in and hit OK – I redeemed rewards totalling $25 bucks!

Nope.  I am NOT kidding!  How seriously cool is that?!?

So you want the app too?  Well, It is FREE on your iPhone!  I’ll hold while you download it

Right now, the app only works in Walmart and Sams stores.  When you get to one of those stores, find the location and check in.  Not every single location will be available just yet but this is going to grow like wildfire, so it should be soon.

So, all you do is Check In To Win.  When you do, a list of the available items to scan comes up with their point values.  There are bonus “packs” that are scans of 2 items and they are worth 25 points!  My app showed me that I had three bonus sets I could get!  That is 75 points right off the bat!

But I noticed that the most chances to scan were on one aisle, so, in the interest of time management – I did have kids with me – I headed that way.  I did get a bonus scan right off the bat and then quickly scanned in other items that were listed until I hit my monthly limit – 20 items!  Once they were all in, I chose the bonus spin and got 10 more points because I had a bonus item in my account!

I was so excited to see that I had 6 Rewards to choose from after just one shopping trip!  I clicked Rewards, saw that for only 15 points, I could get soundcheck artist posters, and for as little as 25 points, I could get a $5 eGift Card to Walmart!   I chose a combo of 2 Walmart gift codes!  One for $20 and one for $5!  I could have also chosen Sam’s eCodes.  The app told me that my codes were being sent to my email and that was it!

Now I am hooked and want to earn top dollar!  Because, with the bonus scans and the bonus spins, you could potentially earn 250 to 500 points in one shopping trip and earn a $50 – $100 eGift Card!  All for just scanning 20 items into the app in one month!

The app also has a store locator, a way to share the app with your friends, a tutorial, and easy customer service contact info!  I love it and I will happily take my $25 bucks just for going shopping!

DOWNLOAD Check In To Win NOW and start earning on your next trip to Sam’s or Walmart!

This promotion is sponsored by Lunchbox and the Double Duty Divas and has not been endorsed or approved by “Check In to Win” or its subsidiaries or affiliates. All opinions remain 100% my own.