My kids have been chasing a new friend around the living room, throwing rings on his tail and laughing to the point of a red face and I have loved watching them!

The newest awesome preschool game by Hasbro is out and in stores now!  The CHASIN’ CHEEKY Game is for ages 3 and up, needs 2 players at a time and is now available in your stores and online for purchase!

Chasin' Cheeky GameGet ready to zoom around the room with the CHASIN’ CHEEKY game! As Chasin’ Cheeky, a silly purple monkey, speeds around the room, Preschoolers will race around and toss their rings onto his tail. Once your Preschooler gets their rings on Chasin’ Cheeky’s tail they grab his banana to win! Then Chasin’ Cheeky does his “cheeky” victory dance. Preschoolers will join in and dance around the room with the CHASIN’ CHEEKY game! (Requires 2 C batteries – not included).

This is too much fun!

Basically, insert the batteries and put the banana in Cheeky mouth. When you put him on the ground, he starts to go! As the kids chase him, they throw the rings and try to get them on his tail. Whichever child gets their 3 rings on first gets to catch Cheeky, take the banana and shake with him!

This is hysterical!

This is a great game fro hand/ eye coordination, though process development and laughter!

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