I love to cook and bake and create.  And as the kids grow and are able to do more and more themselves, I want to expand my recipe book and make things that they will remember as part of their childhood.

One recipes that I love to make – and they have to be the best out there – is the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on the back of one of my favorite chocolate morsels bags.  It is a rich, delicious recipe that I would like to make more.  However, I’ll be honest, I have to give at least 75% of the batch away.  Otherwise I would eat the entire thing and not even tell the kids I made the cookies!

But no matter how good a recipe is, it is only as delicious as the ingredients that you use!  The highest quality, best flavored ingredients make the best dishes!  All the way down to the butter!

One of the best butters I have found to bake and cook with is Challenge Butter!  Available at your local Texas HEB, Central Market and Walmart stores, Challenge is 100% real cream butter with nothing artificial, so you taste only the rich and natural sweet cream which makes all the difference in everything you cook – from flakier crusts to smoother sauces to more savory vegetables, meat and seafood. Real Challenge. Real Difference. And, Challenge comes from 600 family-owned dairies working together and from cows not treated with the Growth Hormone rbST.

It really does make a difference!  Challenge Butter is rich and creamy and a great base for any recipe!  But besides the regular salted and unsalted blocks that I always have stocked in my fridge, they carry a large variety of Whipped Butters, Organic Butter and more!

Like the NEW – and totally amazing tasting – Tuscan Style Spreadable Butter!  Yum, yum, yum!  I have spread it on everything from French Bread to Bagel Chips for a quick salty and tangy snack and it is amazing!  Made with Olive Oil, Garlic and Italian Herbs, the flavor infuses a fresh, awakening flavor that you will want more and more of!  I love this flavor and am always looking for something to add it to!  I am stocking up with my $0.55 off COUPON that I printed from the Facebook page too!

Check out the entire line of Challenge Butter at your Texas Walmart, Central Market and HEB and see for yourself why with over 100 Years of great tasting history, Challenge Butter is the largest selling brand in the West!

And now, on Challenge Butter’s Facebook page, you can enter the INSTANT WIN GAME!  This is so fun!  Just spin the pinwheel and you could win $100,000 instantly!  Just click the ‘Spin Me’ button, enter your basic info and Spin!  Other prizes include Good Cook,  Langer’s and Krrrisp Krout products and coupons!

Net time you are at the store pick up Challenge Butter and try it in your favorite recipe!  I know that you’ll see what a difference real, high quality ingredients can make in your favorite recipe!  And be sure to try the New Tuscan Style!  Come back and tell me how awesome it is because it just really is!

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