Did you know that every year, May 11 is National Train Day?  Yep, for six years now, train enthusiasts everywhere have celebrated these great transportation beasts and the toys and other figurines, accessories and more.  And since my three daughters, yes, girls love trains too, are so into the Toy State’s CAT Iron Diesel Train, I think I will mark this day on my calendar and start celebrating it too!

 Toy State Cat iron Diesel Train

We received the Toy State CAT Iron Diesel Train, put the 2 AA Batteries in it that require it to ‘go’ and I watched my girls jump up and down and grab everything at once to start playing.

But I had to calmly talk them down so I could play with it so I could get all of the pieces out and help them put it together.

Not that they really needed my help, after all.  Once I had put the batteries in, they were all about putting the tracks together, taking the hauled toys off the trains and playing with each piece like they worked on a railroad.

Toy State Cat iron Diesel Train

The tracks are not your standard snap in tracks.  These are more of a fit in the groove type track.  I did have to help put them together but they stay together and are smoother than most tracks.  And when you have kids, something that is sturdy and stays together is important!

The parts that come off and move are on each car of the train.  From a bulldozer to a cargo container, my kids can haul away their Hello Kitty figurines with ease.  There is even a crane the kids can use to lift really heavy objects.

Toy State Cat iron Diesel Train

I really like this train set for so many reasons.  The fun my kids have with it, the fact that parts come off and their imagination can be tempted and the idea that my girls can play with it for a long period of time and not get bored.

And it goes on it’s own.  Instead of pushing it around, the kids can set it and watch it.  They get a real kick out of it!

If you have a child who loves cars, trains and more, check out the entire Toy State line now!  You can search by type of toy and even by what you want on a toy.  Choose motorized, lights, sounds, remote control and more to find the perfect toy that aids in the building of imagination in your child!

**I received this toy for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**