I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Lately, I have noticed some things in my dish washing that has caused me to look around at what else could be on the market to help me get the cleanest dishes possible.  And I need speed too.  As a single mom of three that have me going and going and going, pre-rinsing dishes is not a favorite past time.  So, when I was sent NEW Cascade Platinum, I was putting it through the ringer… errr…  dishwasher.


My biggest issue I have noticed lately is that my silverware is just not coming clean!  Just all of a sudden, with no change in my routine at all, it is coming out with streaks and almost a film on it.  So, now, not only am I pre-rinsing dishes, but I am post washing to get the film off.

It is borderline ridiculous and, truth be told, less frustrating to hand wash.

I got the Cascade Platinum the same day I was jumping up and down mad about the film.  I blamed it on everything from the water company I have to the dish washing detergent I used to the dish washer itself.  So I opened the clean dish washer that I had JUST done, popped in a really good smelling, by the way, Cascade Platinum pack and waited.  I, literally, stood by the dish washer door for a while, arms crossed, daring my dishes to show me that film again!

I did, eventually, go do something else.  I mean, come on.  But I listened for the dish washer to quiet, stalking my prey like a woman who has done way too many dishes by hand in her lifetime.

When the dishwasher was finally done, I opened it up, letting the steam give me a facial and pulled out a very hot spoon.

You may not believe this, but the film was GONE!  GONE!!  Every piece of silverware was clean and sparkly and I did not have to rewash a one.  Which probably means that my bowls, cups my kids drink out of, plates and more are clean too!

Cascade Platinum #MyPlatinum

Oh I was so excited I almost hugged the Cascade Platinum package!

As I smiled holding my spoon, I looked at the magical bag to see what was in it to make me so happy. I noticed that not only was it good for my dishes, but it also helps prevent build up in my dish washer too!  Using the grease fighting power of Dawn in a fresh lemon scent, Cascade Platinum busts through the stuff that my other detergent was leaving behind.  And I could not be happier!!

Other people are really happy about this product too.  Like Top Chef Judge & editor of Food + Wine magazine, Gail Simmons!  Learn more about her partnership on the Cascade Facebook Page!  And check her out below creating a dessert we all would love to eat!

Want more Cascade Platinum fun?  Enter to WIN in their Instagram Contest!   The Cascade “My Platinum” Instagram Contest is a 4 week contest where you can show off your Platinum results!   Simply upload your clean dish photos and more following the instruction.  Two will WIN a new Whirlpool Dishwasher and one will WIN a NEW Platinum Kitchen!!  Each week has a theme so enter them all and GOOD LUCK!

Cascade Platinum #MyPlatinum