A few nights ago my girls and I were playing and Katie asked me where a toy of hers was.  My standard answer is “Canada”.  I don’t know why.  I guess I think I am funny.

She asked where Canada was and I said “Up North”.

She said “Up North Where?”

I said “Toward the Pole.”

That satisfied her, oddly, until she asked, “What is Canada’s dad’s name?”


“What is Canada’s Mom’s name?”


“What is Canada’s kids name?”



My idea alarm sounded and I laughed hysterically as it developed in my head!

We moms need a new little invention I am calling “Can*A*Kid!”

Come on, think about it!

A flexible canister container with a nice little sitting area and little TV so that we can put them in, zip up, and get some peace and quiet!

This is not a torture chamber… it would have air holes… but it would also be sound proof.  A nice little get a way for us and a little play area for them.

Now I realize that some may read this and think that I have lost my mind… how little you know me..  it was gone years ago.  But I am thinking this could make me bajillions upon bajillions of complaints, lawsuits, and slaps upside the head.

Think how wonderful this little contraption would be, however.  Made of puffy plastic, kinda like a pool float, complete with the little button indentions and criss cross pattern.  That way, if they try to climb out and take my last beautiful Nutrisystem ice cream sandwich, they just fall over and roll around without hurting themselves… or my furniture.

Really.  I think I am onto something.

Katie and Sarah get into their minutly fight, I pick one up, slip her through the pop top opening treating her to her own space with her favorite Barbie and no one able to get in and take it from her.  I pick up the second one, slip her in, close the top and she is happy and stress free with her 872 Dora dolls with no competition for the 87 swim suit Dora’s!

And unlike being sent to their rooms, they can not trash it, bang on the door, and I can not hear them.

Simple bliss.

And Megan, well, she has the whole house without getting bumped or pushed or toys taken from her, so she’d be good!

Meanwhile I get to relax and clean a room that has a chance of staying clean, have a snack that has a shot of making it into my mouth instead of theirs, and get to sit on a couch that is no longer a trampoline.

Yes.  I think this is it.  The next brilliant idea meant to make my life easier.

Can*A*Kid by Lori.

I think I’ll get to work on the plans.

From my padded room.