My Grandma died about an hour ago.  Less than two weeks after finding out she had pancreatic cancer.

She was ready to go, according to my email updates from her son, my father.  She spent the last few weeks making sure her life was in order for her death.  She had her daughter’s running errands, cleaning up loose items on her “list” and telling them her wishes for after she was gone.  It amazed me the mental clarity and energy she had near the end.

But she was ready to go.  Ready to join her husband of 67 years who passed last year.

During these last few weeks, I have had time to reflect.  To think about what it is all about.  How people come and go in our lives, leaving imprints that are forever felt.

It is as if my life is a bubble.  Ever expanding with every new person that has come into my life.  Every person who has touched my heart, my life, and my thinking is a little bubble, joining into mine.  With every addition, my bubble grows, emphasizing the importance of the new addition.  When I met my husband, my bubble doubled and allowed the tiny bubbles of my children to enter and grow.

But if my thoughts were correct, then when a person passed, or left my life, my bubble would shrink.  And that has not happened.  As people have passed, and bubbles have popped, their space that occupied mine remains in tact.  Thus teaching me that just because someone leaves, does not mean their impact on me has also.

Much as my bubble holds their spirit protectively, so does my heart.

Good Bye Grandma.  May you rest in peace knowing that what you have taught me remains, even if you are not here to remind me.