Do your kids have best friends that they met on TV that can help teach them and dance with them and entertain them during these hot summer months?  With Bubble Guppies: Sunny Days! , they can turn TV time into friendship time!

Bubble Guppies

Two hours of non  stop, Bubble Guppies fun is compiled in this musical, colorful DVD complete with friends like Molly, Sandy, Gil and more!  As they make it through summer adventure after summer adventure, they work together and lean on their friendships to have fun and learn.

This six episode DVD takes the Bubble Guppies to the beach, camping and even to the Bug Parade!  They hurry to the airport for a trip, go to the Wings Over Bubbletucky Air Show and even go to the circus!

All the while, they sing catchy tunes and help my kids beat the heat!

I certainly don’t want my kids sitting in front of the TV all summer.  But with the neighborhood pool shut down, the boredom with the water slide growing and the 105° temperature outside, they need some screen time.  So they might as well spend it with characters that I know will teach them awesome things and take them on new adventures!

You can pick up your copy of Bubble Guppies: Sunny Days online and in stores now!  Let me know how cute your kids are dancing along!