Katie has taken on a habit that I swore up and down to never, ever tolerate from my children.  I have bent and even broken on other never, ever’s but some things just drive me absolutely batty.  And most days I am teetering on the edge of living forever in a padded room, so I really don’t need any other little annoyances to help me along that path.

She tells us to “Shut Up!”
Yes.  Pet peeve #2, but coming up close to pet peeve #1, lying.  
She does not get it from me.  She really doesn’t.  I admit that I have some really bad stuff they pick up, but I don’t think I can be blamed for this one.  We could blame my husband but he has gotten better too, so I don’t think he is the source.   
Thinking gas is funny?  Yep – all him.  
Their popcorn addiction?  Absolutely his. 
“Shut Up!”?  Nope.
I know exactly where she got it and I could shoot myself for letting her even watch it.  Toy Story.  In the beginning, I believe, the words are yelled from one character to another.  And she thinks that scene is hysterical and acts it out when she feels the urge to do so.  So, I thank you, children’s film, for introducing it to her lips.  
Yes, I know she doesn’t have to watch it.  I am learning.  
I have tried everything.  Washing her mouth out with soap, time outs, taking toys, even popping her on the hiney.  All has failed.  
She thinks it is funny and uses it for an attention getting strategy.  Even when she is playing with her toys, she tells one to “Shut Up!” and then has the ‘Mommy’ wash ‘babies’ mouth out with soap.  
Maybe the soap I use tastes too good.  Maybe I should replace it with something less strawberry – y.  Like Tabasco flavored Irish Spring?   Or maybe I should have her serve her time out cleaning the toilets with a toothbrush?  Or take her toys and have her watch them be crushed by a compactor at a dump sight?  I can’t spank more, it bothers me too much.  
I don’t know.  But this is never, ever going to be OK with me.  I find it rude, disrespectful and ranking up there with the F- word.
As a Mother, I think breaking a habit is among the hardest tasks I am responsible for.  And my least favorite.  I have to be creative, witty, and firm.  All things I seem to have lost in childbirth.  It will be hard, and it will be frustrating.  I have to reach out to friends, admit I have this issue, and try every trick in the book.  
But in the end, it will be worth it.   Because when I do break it, and I will, everyone will be happy that I have shut up about it!