**Craft by Beth & Tots**

My children bring home wonderful grades, coloring pages and homemade cards faster than I have a chance to enjoy them.  Creating a braggy pin for mom allows her to choose or two a week to truly enjoy!  These are simple and so much fun to make.  Grab a few supplies and get ready to start your own confidence boosting craft for kids!  These are perfect for Mother’s Day, Grandparents and Dads too!

braggy pinsThings you will need to get started:

9″ clothespin (found at craft store, or craft section of superstore).

Non-toxic paint & paint brushes

Puff paint

Wood cut outs (found at craft store)

Glue (We used wood glue)

Start by painting one side of your large clothespin. Allow to dry and continue to paint until all sides are painted.

Paint your base color for your wooden cut out & allow to dry.

Help your child with the puff paint to make designs on the dry wooden cut out.

Once everything has been painted and dried (we use two coats if you can see the wood grain after just one coat), dab some wood glue over the center of the wood cut out and glue firmly to the clothespin.

braggy pins

These braggy pins are so adorable and they do not break the bank! Between the pin and wooden piece, I have about $3. We keep plenty of paint and puff paint on hand, so those are not factored in to the cost.  This is one of my favorite crafts that we have created this spring! Finally, a place where I can showcase the best of the best! Right now I have a beautiful Easter Card made by my daughter in one of them, and a straight As certificate from my son’s school in the other. These are fantastic for any proud Momma!

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