I want to brag about my kids.  I want to stand up on the highest mountain and brag, brag, brag!  And after carrying these three girls for 9 months, enduring labor, c sections, and then nourishing them via the breast for over a year, I think I have earned that right.

But I hesitate.

Because, for some reason, it has been embedded in my head that it is not okay to brag about my kids, my house – no worries on that for a while, my achievements – a shower, and so on.  It is disrespectful and ultimately selfish to talk about the good in life with an attitude at all.  Hair tossing with flair is a no no, as well as jumping up and down and screaming “In Your Face!”  And forget it if you want to send out a photo card of your child plastered on it with a caption reading “My Kid ROCKS”!

It is considered just plain rude!

Or maybe my style of bragging is just not appreciated!

But, really.  I do hesitate when I want to talk about something my kids do that might be a tad more advanced than their peers.  For instance, Katie – age 4 – can now tie her shoes.  Before you think I rock, it is all due to the DVD RockNLearn.com sent me called ‘Getting Ready for Kindergarten’.  I had nothing, whatsoever, to do with it!  Honest!

But I want to take all of the credit.   Especially since my 3 year old, Sarah, is thisclose to tying hers too!

Part of my hesitation is that I am not sure if I am right!  IS it even neat that they can do this?  Or is it normal and I am just showing my limited child developmental  knowledge?  I know that my neighbors 12 year old son can not tie his shoes, and another friends 3rd grader can’t, and some of my friends kids Katie’s age can’t either.  But I do not know every single 4 year old on the planet.  So, maybe this is not something I should even be proud of?

Oh forget it!  I LOVE it!  I love that she can do it!  It makes me happy!

So, regardless of the social etiquette, the limited knowledge I have on the subject, and my – obvious – unwillingness to drop the subject, I am taking my bragging rights and using them to let the whole world know that Katie can tie her shoes!   And Sarah is thisclose!