I am so humbly honored that this post was in the Blogger Spotlight on BlogHer.com Family on 5/12/2011!

OK…  I am going to try to stay calm during this one.  I promise, I am going to really try!

Did anyone see the Good Morning American piece on the mother who injected her 8 year old child with BOTOX for a beauty pageant?

No, I am not kidding.

I wish to God I were!

I watched the interview, read the article, and reread the article.  And it makes no sense to me still!

Why, dear God, are we subjecting our kids to things that are clearly not for them in the name of beauty, competition, and vanity?

First there was the toddler thong.

And then make up for kids.

And now THIS?

I don’t give a flying flip if the little girl asked her Mom to help her with her “worry lines” – seriously? – I don’t care that her Mother is a register aesthetician and has administered it to herself, and I really don’t give a hairs butt care that they think it gives the little girl confidence in pageants.  I DON’T CARE!!

SHE IS 8!!!


And this woman is putting a foreign substance in her face and promoting psychological issues for the rest of this child’s life!

What is going on here?

Sure, this is one Mom doing one thing. But we all know that, for some unknown reason, America seems to thrive on making children grow up too fast.  We expose them to sex too early, vanity and jealousy too early, and cater to their wants way too much.

I don’t know much about Botox, I don’t.  But I know that it is not a natural substance and just because it is deemed “safe” by the FDA and doctors and whomever else seems to be able to predict the future and see how this stuff will affect us in 50 years, does not mean it is appropriate for an 8 year old!

Aspirin is deemed safe and approved by the FDA but is clearly not safe for an 8 year old!   I can name 50,000 products that are all “OK” for A D U L T S!  But so not safe for kids!

Nor appropriate!

Again, I plead… save the childhood!  Protect our kids! Decide to be a parent and not an enabler!

Let them be young and worry free and happy and secure and loved!

What do you think?  Does this anger you?  Am I out of line?

Please, I want to know!