Every day I have Bloggers asking me how I get my giveaways that allow my readers to win amazing prizes!  Well, here is a giveaway you all can participate in for $7.00 ONLY now and then $5.00 in May!  PLUS, you are entered into monthly giveaways for $25 for YOU until the giveaway starts in May AND you have a shot at winning part of the giveaway during the giveaway time!

Your readers have a chance at a laptop computer and CASH!

AND, we will all be broken into groups so that a reader does not have an entry form that is longer than our sidebar!  And we can work together in our small groups to draw interest which is GREAT for our blogs!

So come and join me in the Month of May Giveaway and let’s do something super special for our readers and FUN for us!

Just Sign UP Below and list that A DAY IN MOTHERHOOD referred you!