Birthday Ideas for Daughters

I love trying out new birthday ideas for my daughters. To me, a birthday should be full of surprises, love and memories. Kids get tired of the same old cliché birthday parties. Here are a few new ideas your daughter might enjoy:

Birthday Ideas for Daughters

Have a day at the beach.

Of course this is geared more toward summer birthdays, but who wouldn’t love spending a day in the sunshine? I know I would. Bring a camera, lots of food, sunblocks and your daughter’s favorite games or activities. Doing a scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun on the beach. Invite lots of friends and family and let the memory making begin.

Visit a national park.

Hiking and camping isn’t just for boys. Gather up your daughter’s closest friends and take them canoeing down the river. Sing songs and have a blast. Spend the night in the woods, and let them tell their favorite stories. Your daughter will love it even if it is out of her comfort zone.

Take a trip to your local animal shelter.

Birthday Ideas for Daughters





If your daughter is anything like mine then she LOVES animals. Teaching her to care for others is super important at an early age so why not do it with something she loves?  You could even call ahead at set something up with the shelter to make it a surprise. Go ahead of time and decorate. That would be fun!

Have a painting party.

Invite a group of girls over and let them go to town with paints. My daughter is very creative and loves to do crafts. We had a painting party one year, and it was a huge success. The girls were talking about it forever.

There are so many ways to create new birthday ideas for daughters. Get creative and think outside the box. Kids are always wanting to do something upbeat, fun, and entertaining for themselves and for their friends.

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