The beach or outdoor water area is a place to relax, soak in the sun and surf and enjoy your time away from the hectic day to day life. But when you can’t find something you threw into a crowded beach bag or your drink is sandy from you making a sand cupholder – and falls over anyway – the time away can have some unnecessary stress! So when my Virtual Assistant, Beth, raved about BeachTable.com, I had to try it out for myself! 


Now, this is just cool!

I received a Beach Table in the Sandbridge design. Side note: there are 8 functional designs to choose from and an umbrella to put into the top of it too!  See the entire line at BeachTable.com.

I was first struck by how durable this table is! The wood top is thick and well sealed so that, in the happiness of an outdoor moment, the kids can not get a splinter from touching it. The PVC pipe that goes into the sand or ground is thick and the end is cut in a point so that it slides in deep with little effort.


Each table has thick netting under storage spaces that can stand up to the heat and sand. My table easily held sunscreen, mosquito spray, water and would hold snacks as well. In addition, the two ‘fins’ hold wine glasses!  How cool is that?

Relax, enjoy a glass of wine and know that everything you need for a relaxing day at the beach is at arms length!

Now, I have plans to head to the beach with my kids in a few weekends but I found this table just as useful in my backyard!

The girls and I have friends over all the time to play on our water slide. But, aside from the top of the grill many yards away from the kids, I have no place to put the stuff I use all day with them. So I put the Beach Table in the ground and wala – instant access – close to the kids – super easy to reach for us all –  instantly!


I love this and am so glad that Beth turned me on to them!

Whether you are a beach person, go to the pool all summer or have a backyard summer oasis, you need the Beach Table to make your life easier! Get one now and enjoy it for years to come!

Congratulations to our winner, Cathy P.!!