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It is no secret that I love Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream cakes! So when I got the news that some scary treats were available starting NOW for you and your family to enjoy, I jumped on the chance to give you guys a chance to get some! Baskin Robbins Whoopie Pies are HERE!

Baskin Robbins Whoopie Pie

New this year and available for a limited time only, Baskin-Robbins’ customizable  Whoopie Pies feature a delectable combination of chocolate cake with any favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor sandwiched in between, creating a fun-to-eat Whoopie Pie. Guests are also able to purchase Whoopie Pie cake pieces as a take-home item to build and decorate their own delicious pie.

Through October, guests can customize their Whoopie Pies with the October Flavor of the Month, Trick OREO® Treat, which features vanilla ice cream with orange crème-filled OREO® cookies, Baby Ruth® and Butterfinger® candy pieces, making it the perfect addition to any Halloween-themed celebration!

Congratulations to our winner: Tim A.!!  Enjoy!