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We are HUGE Doc McStuffins fans in this house!  I DVR every episode, we purchase the DVD’s and we even get the toys that let my kids play Doc McStuffins, thus enhancing their creativity and desire to help others.

Doc McStuffins - Friday's on Disney Jr.

The new season of Doc McStuffins is now playing on Disney Jr. I viewed the first episode, Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile / Chip Off the Ol’ Box with my kids and we all loved it!

In the first part of the episode, Doc faces a challenge that is new to her. She is at a park trying to fix the wind up part of a mouse toy. But she can’t! Fearing that he will be tossed into that back of the closet at his child’s home where all broken toys go, Doc is worried about him. So, with the help of her father, she builds a Doc Mobile and takes it back to the park. In the DocMobile are tools that helped her fix the winder and the toy was saved from the closet!

My girls and I loved this episode and now they want a Doc Mobile too! I really like the message that being creative and coming up with a solution to a problem instead of giving up is important.

Doc McStuffins - Friday's on Disney Jr.

The second part of the episode deals with the fear of failure. I think all kids have a natural fear and teaching them to trust themselves and how to overcome it is vital to a healthy self-confidence.

Big Jack (in the box) has a crank injury and the show with Little Jack is in jeopardy. Little Jack lacks the confidence to believe he can juggle three balls at a time. But when Big Jack tells him that he will be there the whole time rooting him on, Little Jack bravely goes on with the show. When he succeeds in juggling and overcoming his fears, my girls actually clapped!

Doc McStuffins - Friday's on Disney Jr.

Doc McStuffins continues to be a fun, colorful, learning experience for my children. I will always choose shows that teach compassion, helping others and confidence building over anything else. So I am SUPER excited that the show is back on with all new episodes.

And just in time for those back to school checkups and keeping kids healthy during cold season, Doc’s got plenty of tips to make it easier too!  Check out the video below!

So make an appointment to check-out all-new episodes of Doc McStuffins every Friday on Disney Junior!  She’s got all-new friends, and new wheels with The Doc Mobile, so she can help toys on-the-go!

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