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Summer is dragging on.  My kids have been to camps, swimming and more and are getting to that point where they are all done.  And though I am a huge advocate of limiting screen time, sometimes you have to put on a movie and let them just relax.
Babar Adventure Pack

But the best movies are the ones that introduce them to new friends.  BABAR is back with a 3 DVD set that is fun, age appropriate and entertaining on those long, hot, summer days.

The Babar: Adventure Pack 3 DVD set includes the BABAR The Movie,  School Days and Best Friends forever.  Check out a clip below:

Your kids will love this set.

School Days features 4 episodes that will help get your little ones ready for their first day of school.  It teaches honesty, patience and acceptance.

Best Friends Forever also includes 4 episodes.  With lessons of teamwork, understanding and cooperation, this is my favorite one that my kids watch.  I don’t think there is anything more important than teaching kids how to work well with others!

BABAR The Movie, a great movie in it’s own right, rounds out this pack with comedy and non-stop fun with BABAR and all of his friends!  The feature length movie is perfect for family movie night!

You can get this set at your local retailer and online now!  Pick it up now and break up the monotony of summer!