For years I wanted better sound from my television in my house. My TV has a pretty good speaker system but I wanted something clearer, crisper and in depth than that. Thanks to, I now have that with my new Intimus 4B Bookshelf Speakers. speakers

These small, sleek looking speakers hook up to your television or sound system (you will need to purchase your banana plugs or hard wire them in with speaker wire) and transform your room into a theater. You would not think these little things could do that, but they do.

I am not tech, electronic savvy at all so I checked out the Aperion Audio Speakers YouTube page for help! Below is a good tutorial for using the banana plugs!

See, not so bad!

I admit, I had to ask for help. Because I did not have wire cutters or the where with all to know that I would not short out one of my new, fancy speakers!

Once we were set up, though, we had sound! Now, I tried to video what the sound was like before and after but it just would not come out right. And I tried to take a million photos of my speakers sitting on my black bookshelf with my black TV. Ummm…  they sort of blended in too well!

But, rest assured, I now have the home theater sound with little effort that I love. I am currently ordering longer speaker wire so that I can run it behind the walls and hang these speakers on my walls in the corners! I want some of the Bookshelf mounts to make that happen with ease!

aperion audio speakers

Here is what I like about these bookshelf speakers. They are small – only 9″ tall – so they can hide anywhere. Behind your TV (that is where mine are right now), on a bookshelf on your TV stand and even up in the corners of your home where they just sort of blend in. The sound is amazing too. I did get some tips from Aperion via email that said the sound would be even more amazing after 50 -100 hours. So, I’ll keep you posted!

Here were the tips, by the way:

You can get the most out of your new system by following these guidelines:  

1) Speaker placement. The symmetry (distance, height) between all your speakers is important, and your room dimensions play a large role. For more juicy details, read our handy guide to room setup. 

2) Speaker Break-In. Your speakers should sound great right out of the box. But once they’ve been played for 50 100 hours (doesn’t matter what kind of music you use) they will start to sound more natural and balanced.  This is known as break-in and is completely normal. 

For more useful articles on home theater and sound technology, please visit �Aperion University�.

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