Do you know what “Monkey Butt” is?  I didn’t!  And when my husband complained of chaffing on his legs after spending a day up in the attack laying insulation, I had nothing to hand him to make him feel better!

The day I received my Anti Monkey Butt Powder, that ended!

In fact, the day my two bottles came in the mail was the day after he had spend a day hanging shelves and putting a door on our second shed.  He had sweat and moved around a lot in jeans and really needed some relief.

I handed over the powder and he was a happy man!  He said that it went on and instant relief was felt.  He used it a few more times that evening and by morning, did not need it anymore!

According to him, “This stuff is great!”

Originally created for athletes, motorcyclists, and racers, Anti Monkey Butt Powder can be used anytime anyone has sore, itchy, red skin caused from friction and sweat.  Simply apply prior to your activity and then apply again when you are done!  It can be used inside of foot ware, under sports pads, and in any other area prone to chafing!

With the main ingredients being talc and calamine, Anti Monkey Butt provides a cooling sensation instead of the all present burn in other products.  The third and last ingredient gives it that light, pleasant fragrance!

The Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder’s three ingrediants are calamine, cornstarch, and the light fragrance.  The cornstarch gives it a silky, feminine texture!  And I know I like that!

And there is even an Anti Monkey Butt Powder for babies!  I have a friend who uses nothing but AMBP for her son!

If you exercise, work outside in the heat, run, or do any other activity that causes a lot of sweat and friction with your clothes, then – according to my hubs – you need to have Anti Monkey Butt Powder ready to go!


You can buy AMBP at mass market retail stores nationwide.  Or you can get it at by clocking the bottle!


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