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Ahhh… the blissful, lazy days of summer.  Full of sunshine, play and bored kids looking for new ways to destroy your house.  

Enter movie hour!

Team Umizoomi Animal Heros

Some awesome DVD’s have come down the pipeline lately. Complete with no commercials, solid educational entertainment and fun for your kids, and a break for mom!

Team Umizoomi: Animal Heroes brings math skills and fun together.  In this DVD, kids will learn number identification, shape matching, measurements and more!  And they won’t even know that they are learning!  Milli, Geo and Bot – get the fun matching toys on Amazon – use their mighty math powers to help little kids solve big problems.

In this four episode DVD, they combine action packed mission adventures with their math abilities and help kids learn math and gain self confidence in solving problems.  But the Umi Team can’t do it without the home viewer so make sure your kids are playing along to help Team Umizoomi!

You can pick up this awesome DVD in retail stores and online now!