**I was a guest of Sony for the Angry Bird Junket in Maui, Hawaii. All opinions are my own.**

#AlohaAngryBirds  #AngryBirdsMovie

Don't forget to hit theaters May 20, 2016 for The Angry Birds Movie! #AlohaAngryBirds #AngryBirdsMovie

The only thing you really need to know, except for all of the stuff I tell you in this post, is that there were three kids sitting in front of me at the exclusive preview of The Angry Birds Movie in Maui during this movie. The entire movie, they laughed, cheered and danced to the music. I have never seen kids go so incredibly crazy for a movie and I have seen a ton. When the lights came up I tried to listen to their chatter,. They loved it, they could not wait to see it in theaters, they could not wait to tell their friends, and on they went. All I could think is, ‘This movie is going to be a hit!’. Not necessarily because the kids liked it, but because I did too. In fact, the whole audience cheered, laughed and had a wonderful reaction to Red, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda!

Red and I took in the movie in Hawaii and it was awesome! Get your family to theaters May 20 for The Angry Birds Movie! #AlohaAngryBirds #AngryBirdsMovie

I honestly did not know what to think when I walked into the theater. I knew the app, Angry Birds, was really popular as my kids have played it and flock to all of the toys and merchandise they can find. But I had never playing the game and had no reference other than stepping on the pieces to the board game the kids left out.

So I really had no preconceived notions about it at all. So watching Red enter the screen, his anger management problem on full display, I was ready to be entertained! I was not disappointed as the story unfolded, revealing the first meeting of the pigs, special powers the birds have and more!

See the trailer now:

This movie never stops. There are not any lulls and the entertainment is ongoing. The soundtrack is catchy and the message is fun. I laughed at the jokes that were definitely filtered in for adults and even laughed at the ones geared at the kids. This colorful and fast paced movie takes us on the journey of Red as he enters anger management class, trying to tame his, all the way to the battle with the pigs.

Coming May 20, 2016, The Angry Birds Movie! Get ready to laugh, dance and have a family fun night for everyone! #AlohaAngryBirds #AngryBirdsMovie

I am taking all three kids to this movie on opening day, May 20, 2016! They are 9, 8 and 6 and I know they will all love it! So get your tickets and plan a family movie night full of fun!