My kids got a lot of toys for Christmas.  Some are a hit, some are not, some have mysteriously disappeared into the rainy day closet.  But I want to share with you some quality toys that my kids got and have played with that are totally worth the money!

The Alex Little Hands Button Art kit for the 24 month – 4 year set is FANTASTIC!  This kit comes with a lot of pictures that are color coded and large, easy to handle “buttons” that snap into the photo to make “art”!  Megan, my two year old, got it from Santa and has played with it all day, every day since she got it.  She has gone from putting the buttons in any spot to trying to figure out the colors.  Sarah, my 4 year old is hooked as well and even Katie, my 5 year old thinks its pretty cool!

It is not messy, the buttons are large and easy to see if dropped on the floor and there are enough pictures to do that they don’t get bored!  PLUS, it is a quiet, thinking toy and I LOVE that!

If you have a young child and want something that they will benefit from then pick up Alex Little Hands Button Art on Amazon for  only $12.80 (regular price is $21.99).  You can get FREE Prime shipping or free shipping on orders over $25!

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