I am sorry for the lag in fun summertime craft posts!  But now that I am back home, they will pick up again!

Today, I took a box of 4 sticker mosaics I picked up at Target for only $5.88 for the box!  That is only $1.47 per mosaic board and these things keep my kids busy all day long sticking and creating!  Plus they make really pretty decorations for their rooms!  The box says 5+ but my almost 3 year old loves matching the colors and did a great job!

I am scouring Amazon for great deals on Sticker Mosaics on Amazon, too!

These are great because they teach hand/ eye coordination, counting, organization, color matching and more!  And the girls are really proud of their shiny artwork!  At the end of the 4, we have some mosaic stickers left so, later this week, we’ll create our own boards to use the stickers on!  how fun will that be?

Check the craft aisle or Clearance Aisle and stock up on these fun and easy crafts!

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