I got up early Easter morning.  Tired from playing the Easter bunny but happy that my first official Easter celebration at my house as an adult was just hours away!

I cleaned the bathrooms, prepped to start cooking, and savored my coffee.

My husband sent me off for a much needed shower about three hours before the festivities.  As I enjoyed the shower, I kept hearing knocking.  I thought my husband might be cleaning something in my daughters room so I did not speed up my shower to investigate.

When I did finish up, I grabbed my towel and stopped short when I heard it again.

A definite thumping was coming from behind our toilet.

Great.  I bet we had a baby raccoon who had fallen in the wall and there was a whole family in my attic eating my insulation.

Think I am frustrated with this house much?

I called my husband in and he crouched behind the toilet and watched as a little paw poked out from the sliver around the toilet intake valve.  Or whatever that bendy silver thing is called!

“I think we have a rat or raccoon stuck in the wall!”

Great.  Welcome to Easter at Lori’s everyone!  Smell that?  Yea, it is a dead animal we’ll have to fish out right after we finish serving all of you dinner.

Please come again.

I took a deep breath, decided we could deal with it later and went about my business.  About 30 minutes later, my husband came in and said it was a bird trapped in the wall.

A bird?  How did a bird get into the wall?

He then opened the master window, cut a small hole where the ‘paw’ kept poking through and a tiny little bird flew out of the hole and out of the house through the window.

Since the issue was properly averted, I forgot all about it.

Until about an hour later, I walked into the garage and a tiny little bird flew out from one of my husbands cabinets.  Thinking it odd, I went to investigate and saw that this little bird was building a nest among my husband’s polyurethane collection!


That must be how she got into the master bath.  She must have been in the nest when we closed the garage the night before, flown into the attic while we were up getting the Easter supplies,  made her way across the house, down the wall, and to the only opening she saw.

What a bird.

We do not know what to do about the amazing and perfectly formed nest.  For now, we are leaving it.  And the garage door is open all day now to let the bird in.

I suppose when she lays her eggs it will be a learning opportunity for the girls.  A chance for them to learn about nature and how birds are born.  A chance for me to earn my Swagbucks looking up answer to questions they will have.

But we’ll keep the attic door closed, the doors to the house closed, and try to keep the neighbors cats out of our garage!

Because no matter where this journey takes us, we have to take care of the bird in the nest.