7 Signs that You Might Need a Break from Your Kids

1)  You start calling them Cabo San Lucas, Gay Paree, and Margarita.

2)  You start calling your husband Juan and asking that he wear Speedos.

3)  You mix the kids milk in a blender and serve it with a cute umbrella decoration.

4)  You lay out your daughters Princess towel in the bathroom, lay down on it, and wiggle around trying to get the best heat from the vanity light fixture.

5)  You hear the kids crying and look over your shoulder at the dogs, telling them children have no place in paradise.

6)  You wake in the morning, drag on your worn out shorts, and add a sun hat for style.

7)  You see a “Carnival Cruises” ad on TV and stand mesmerized, tuning out the boiling over pasta, the kids flooding the bathroom with water, and the baby eating dog food straight from the bowl.


Maybe One Day