This is possibly the hardest post I have ever had to write on this blog.  Because it exposes the weaknesses in my life and the struggles that I make a joke about, but have now become a health factor.  The extra 50 pounds I am carrying – also known as the ‘quads’ – has been a contributing factor to lung and heart issues and, though he won’t come right out and tell me I am obese, the Doctor has said that getting this weight off will help my damaged lungs and stressed out heart work better and longer.

With three daughters, what choice do I really have?  Even entertaining the idea that I could have a heart attack or a lung infection that could kill me is too much for my mind.  So, instead of updating my will, I’ll be updating my life, my mindset and my self- respect for ME!

Not only that, but in November, I will be 40 years old.  I would really like to lose 40 pounds by the age of 40.  That is almost 6 months and I think I can do it.  I don’t mind having 10 pounds to go at 40!

So… here I am.  In my swimsuit because I still have lead tape all over me and ashamed because I know better and let myself do this to me anyway.

 A week or so ago, my 5’1″ frame weighed in at an unhealthy -and unsightly – 180 pounds.  Yes.  I have a 48 inch waist, 27″ thighs, 46″ chest and 14″ arms.  Heavier and larger than I have ever been, sans 9 months pregnant with my oldest daughter.  How did this happen to a woman who played semi- professional tennis 4 to 6 days a week prior to having kids?

Answer:  Binge eating.  As a mom, I put myself last.  And so I won’t eat anything all day and then will binge at night while I am working. And I grab anything easy.  Chips, cheese, candy, cookies… no apples and broccoli for me!  No, it was unhealthy, quick to eat food.  That packed on the pounds faster than I could stock up the pantry.

Add to that my complete lack of exercise and it is a sad state that I have let my once toned, though always curvy, body fall into.

Here is my first video explaining all this good stuff!

But thanks to the Shaklee Corporation, I am one of 50 bloggers that has been chosen to go through their program in an attempt to get healthy!  I could not be more excited…  and apprehensive… and scared – to be brutally honest.  Because if this does not work and I do not do it the way I am supposed to, my life could be shorter for my girls.

And no one wants that LESS than me!

I have been on the program for about a week now and I am more than pleasantly surprised!  The shakes are amazing, the meal bars are filling, tasteful and I actually crave them.  And the pomegranate tea and snack bars are delicious and satisfying!  And the carefully blended 3 -in- 1 multivitamin keeps me in check inside while I am trying to look better outside!  During this 1st week, I have dropped 4 pounds.  Typically, you will lose 2 -3 pounds a week so I am sure I’ll slow down.  But I’ll take 176 pounds over 180 any day of the week!

Find out more about Shaklee and what they can do for you too!

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I’ll keep you updated on how I am doing!  I look forward to sharing my #Cinchspiration journey with you!

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