It is that time of the year. Tax refund time! I know not all of us got tax refunds but for those who do, this is a check that we can use to fix or buy something that has been on hold. I used mine to put a down payment on my new car, a Chevy Traverse. I needed a third row desperately that could fit my kids car seats! So this was a valid use of my refund that I was grateful for! But what else can you spend it on? What upgrade do you need? Check out my list below:

5 Things to Spend Your Tax Refund On

The Upgraded Car down payment: As I mentioned, I needed to upgrade my car. But I needed to watch my budget too. I started at With a large quantity of cars, trucks and SUV’s, I knew I could start there. I chose my options, an SUV with a third row, and searched everything from color to location. With a huge selection, every detail I would need to know about the car and the ability to apply for financing through the site, DriveTime made it very easy for me. In the end, I decided on a new car and could find them on the find a dealer page, but the research I did on DriveTime certainly left me more educated for my purchase! So if you are looking to upgrade your car, check out the huge selection on and use your tax refund to get what you need!

That pesky house repair: I recently upgraded the windows in my house. They were 30 years old, cracked, half didn’t open and not energy efficient at all. While my tax refund went elsewhere, home improvements are always great things to spend your refund on! Your home is often your best investment, so updating it is always a smart move!

Wardrobe, Wardrobe, Wardrobe: As a mom, I always make sure my kids are in new and in good condition clothing. But I wear stained, oversized, undersized and 20 year old clothing. So taking some of that refund and updating your wardrobe is totally OK! And often needed!

5 Things to Spend Your Tax Refund On

Catch Up on Your Health: Why do we only hit the doctor or dentist’s office when we are sick? Use some of that refund to go get those tests and dental cleanings done! Our health is everything so taking some time to take care of you while you have the extra money is a great thing!

A Family Vacation: Taking a vacation is expensive! But taking some of the tax refund money and heading out with family is a great use of funds! Take a road trip in your upgraded car from Take them to the beach, the lake or the Grand Canyon! Anywhere away is a bonding experience for all.

No matter what your refund or what you use it on, be smart about it! It’s a once a year windfall for most of us. Enjoy!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of DriveTime. The opinions and text are all mine.