5)  My husband has gone from coming home early to working late.  The possibility of me having an hour or two to myself for the first time since probably Thanksgiving is sending me into a premature happy coma comparative to having 3 glasses of wine and an entire pack of caramel Hershey’s Kisses all at once.  All of which has zero fat and zero points on my WW plan.

4)  It is for their own good.  Today, them dreaming peacefully of spending time with Mommy is a million times better than the reality.  Mommy is not in the most “oh I love you so much and want to serve your every single whim because God gave you to me and I am oh so uber – mushy happy about it today” mood.  Read my previous post for verification of reasons for that mood.

3)  We spent a lot of money on their beds.  And I don’t think that they have logged enough hours to justify the expense just yet.  So, tonight, they will add an hour.  Do that once a month and by the age of 18, they should be good.  And then they can take them to college.

2)  I need to work.  And by work I mean surf the net, join some hops, meet some new bloggers, enter some giveaways, annoy my readers with my giveaways, learn more about the people that take time to come see me here, and try to see how I can always improve my blog.  Because the day I think I am all done is the day I truly am all done.  And I don’t think I am finished sharing the life of me just yet.  Lucky you.

And the number 1 reason why bedtime will be at 6:30pm tonight?!!?….


So there!

**Discalimer – – I, of insane mind and somewhat pudgy body, am well aware that the above post is simply an amplification of a dream sequence that I am choosing to live in.  By making that choice, of which is 100% mine, I am opening myself up for hours and hours on end of fighting, excuses, reasonings, and arguments about said wonderful children avoiding bedtime.  I reserve the right to post complaints on Facebook and Twitter and to scream loudly, despite the fact that my neighbors might hear me.  All complaints are to be forwarded to the man of the house.  But note that he is not here and is never on this computer so may not respond…  ever.  All readers should read with a certain understanding of unruly children.  It just makes it easier.**