Welcome to my 300th Post!


Confetti, Silly String, and Poppers galore surround me as I reflect on the past 8 months!

300 posts in 8 months.  That is 37.5 posts a month.  Too much?  Too little?

I mean really, there are giveaways and reviews in there – so maybe I really have 285 posts.  And then there are contest posts, so knock that down to about 260.  And then there are the really bad posts that no one commented on, so we really can’t count those – so maybe 248?

Ok, I am going to stop breaking it down!  It’s depressing!  LOL

I did start to reread last night though and by the time I got done, I wondered when I turned this blog into one big complain fest?  What happened to my sense of humor?  Have I inhaled too many rancid diapers and fried that part of my brain?  And, why, pray tell, do my awesome readers continue to read all of these whiny, self deprecating posts?

When did the chronicling of my day in motherhood become the complaining about a day in motherhood?

I mean, I am a happy person.  I love my life, adore my husband, and relish in the wonderfulness of my children.

Yes, yes.  There are stresses.  Stresses exacerbated by children’s personality disorders, husband’s insane work schedule, and financial drains that never seem to let up.  But, in general, I do not think there is a single thing I would change.  Except my waist line…  which I am working on!

So, I make a pledge, on my 300th post – we’ll just count all that other stuff so I can jump up and down and celebrate today anyway – to stop the whining!  Stop focusing on the dislikes and redirect to the likes! Put a smile on my blog, for heaven’s sake!

Because no matter how you count them, and how you categorize them, this is, indeed my 300th post.  And it deserves a little happiness!

Thank you for keeping me here!  I sincerely appreciate it!