The reality is that flu and cold season is upon us –  types the woman recovering from a two week sick fest.  My kids have coughed and sneezed too but I firmly believe that the reason that they have not progressed into full blown colds is because they all drink 100% Florida Orange Juice almost every day.  Now, I can’t prove it, but we all know Vitamin C is a protector against cold germs.  So, I am sure that my kids have not missed school or extra curricular activities like some others in their classes mainly due to it!

Right now at your local Safeway store or Safeway owned store, like Randall’s, you can head over to the pharmacy and ask for the “Be Well. Get Well.” coupon pamphlet.  Inside you will find valuable coupons for orange juice and other products to stay well this season.  In addition, there are tips and recipes to help you along the way!

See my whole experience below:

Because we drink so much orange juice, it was time for me to head to my nearest Randall’s, and pick up more.  So I loaded up my two youngest daughters and headed out.  I stopped by the pharmacy to see if they had a pamphlet and mine did not yet but thought they would come in soon!  So check with your Pharmacy before you shop!

Now I am a stickler for 100% Florida Orange Juice only so I usually stick with the brands that have it clearly written on the labels.  However, when I flipped over one of the bottles to see if I could tell where the oranges for the juice came from it said, “Check the neck of the bottle for countries.”  WOW! I never knew that!

Sure enough, on most of the bottles were codes.  The ones that said US did have 100% Florida Orange Juice and the ones that said US/ another country did not!  Loving this little burst of knowledge, I was surprised at how many juices I thought were 100% Florida oranges that were not!  I just assumed they were even though it was not on the front of the package!  And, I noticed that not all bottle sizes of the same brand were 100% Florida orange juice!  A small bottle might be but the larger one was a mix!  So check the labels first but you can also check the necks to find more 100% Florida orange juices too!

Feeling very bright and educated, I chose two 89 ounce containers that had US on the neck and tossed them in my cart!  And then I went and got some oranges just because anything orange is good!  I headed home and promptly poured myself a glass, marveling at how something so good and so close to the taste of a real orange can be so good for me and my family!

If you like to try to prevent and cold or flu rather than fight it once you have it – though orange juice can help with that too -then head to your local Safeway or affiliate store, get the very valuable ‘Be Well. Save Well.’ pamphlet from your Pharmacist and load up on 100% Florida Orange Juice for you and your family!  Find Safeway on Facebook and Twitter too!

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