My husband and I have been sitting down, checking the budget, and trying to plan a few road trips this summer with the kids.  We are definitely headed for the beach and then we thing think a National Park for a few days.

In our preparations, we want to make sure our car is as ready for the road as we are!  The last thing we want is to be stranded with three kids and stuck waiting for help!

1)  Have a stockpile.  I pack diapers, wiped, extra clothing, and a few blankets in a bucket to have in the car.  If something does happy, I want to make sure I can at least sustain them for a few days out of my bucket!

2)  In a separate bag I carry my 1st Aid Kit, a bug bite pen, allergy cream, extra band aids, and any other itemI can think of for a medical emergency.

3)  I always have a case of water in my car at all times.  I never know when I will need them to give to me or the kids.  Plus, I have enough for teeth brushing and modified baths if we were to be stranded for a long time.

4)  I pack a lot of snacks.  Non – perishable, easy snacks like granola bars, fruit snacks, pull can tuna, and so on.  Anything that can sustain us for a few days and not spoil or need refrigeration.

5) I always, always have pillows and blankets when I travel with my kids.  Even if we are staying at hotels.  I watch too much Dateline and know that there is always a possibility that we could get lost and stuck.  I need to be able to make beds for my kids!

6)  A few days before we leave on road trips, we take the car in for a ‘check up’.  Sure, it costs a little, but to have the oil changed, the tired inflated to the proper pressure, and any other mechanical thing checked ahead of time is a lot cheaper than a tow and repair bill!

7)  MAPS!  Even with the modern technology of smart phones and GPS systems, a map is a necessity.  If you are stranded and do not have a tower to ping from, the phone will do you no good!  It is always smart to have a back up!

8) Have non electronic entertainment on board for the kids.  Colors, crayons, puzzles.  Anything that will keep them occupied while you look at the map to see where you are going!

9)  A back up plan!  Make sure that if a leg of your trip falls through, you have another place to go!

10)  A sense of humor!  Chances are something will go wrong on your trip with your kids!  If you can laugh about it at the time, you will get a lot further down the road faster!

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So pack up, tell the kids, and hit the road.  But just to make sure you are all prepared, plan ahead!

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