A few months ago, I received a package from the UK that included a pair of the latest breakthrough in fitness gear.  Hot Pants by Zagorra are the pants that make you sweat, literally!

The aim of the pants is to help women lose the cellulite on their thighs, buttocks and tummy.   All areas I need help on!  So I unpacked my pants and put them on.  I could tell immediately that I asked for a size that was too big.  I needed at least a size down if not even two!

So, to say the least, I was skeptical.  But I wore them and it did not take long for me to see what they were all about!  I definitely sweat in the Hot Pants!  No matter what I was doing – sitting, vacuuming, chasing kids – I was sweating.  And, as we all know, sweat is calories being burned!  Who does not need help with that?

During the time I tried the pants, about 4 weeks, I joined an exercise class.  I wore them under my work out pants – they are incredibly comfortable – and by the time I was done with class, I had a great sweat going.  I just know if I had read better about how to choose a size, I might have seen some results!  It just makes sense – sweat breaks up the connective tissue under the skin so it can be flushed out.  Simple concept, right?

And I was really inspired after reading the real life testimonials on the Zaggora Facebook page!

But, I have to say, that for me, these pants did not show any improvement in my weight or in my cellulite reduction that I can tell.  And I did wear them all the time.  So, I can not honestly say that they WILL work for you.  But, as I stated above, I clearly chose the wrong size.

Take a moment to browse the website and see if you think they might work for you.  Plus, if you do get some and they do work, you can actually become and ambassador and earn money off of your success story.

And right now, you can invite friends to learn about Hot Pants on their Facebook Page and have a shot at winning one of 500 sets of a Top Secret New Product!

I do appreciate the opportunity to review the Hot Pants and am a little bummed they did not show any results!  Maybe one day I can try a smaller size and have a better result!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are 100% my own.  Please see my Disclosure page for more information.**