YumEarth Organic candy and treats make moms feel great about passing them out to the entire classroom!  My son’s school encourages healthy treats on special occasions and I am the mom that brings coloring books and crayons to the party.  I am super excited to join the action this year with an organic treat that my children adore! Smiles all around, even with moms because YumEarth products are made with all natural ingredients. We have a peanut allergy in our class, and I tend to stay away from food all together with parties, but these candies contain NO artificial colors, dyes, gluten, GMOs or peanut/tree nuts!  PSST: GET YumEarth at Walgreens!!! 


With so many great tasting treats, we were over the moon excited to try and SHARE them! My kids raved over the sour beans, and my personal favorite are the Vitamin C drops; but we truly enjoy all of the YumEarth varieties!  These candies surprised me with a huge burst of fruit flavor, while remaining natural and pleasing to the eyes!  It was simply a must to share all of the YumEarth varieties with the whole class and to tell moms everywhere how great natural treats can be.


It is so nice to offer such a special surprise and I cannot wait to see their smiling faces in 2nd Grade!  These individually packed treats and candies offer excellent quality, great pricing and mobility! Mobility? Yes, and I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that many moms get in the car only to hear “I’m hungry.”  We mixed our YumEarth treats together and sealed the bag to make a nice car “snack pack.”  Whenever we are running errands, this mix is sure to keep my kiddos satisfied on the go without having to worry about ruining their next meal.


This classroom party is getting a whole lot sweeter with YumEarth Organic candies and treats!


Congratulations to our winner: Heather Y.!!



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