Earlier this year I was introduced to YumEarth Organic Candies. They mailed them to me, we devoured them and I told you all about them. When they were gone, I had to order them on the internet. Which was fine but sometime I just want to pick some up when I am at the store! So when I found out that YumEarth was now going to be carried at Walgreens stores nationwide, I was so excited! 

YumEarth Organic Candy

This is really good candy, guys. Let’s get that out of the way. And the reason I keep telling you about it is because they taste good and me and my girls love them. In fact, I am sucking on a Pomegranate Pucker Lollipop as I type to you. I can’t tell you my favorite, because the other day I ate the entire bag of Gummy Bears, but I can tell you that I don’t feel bad about it.

YumEarth Organic candies have no artificial colors or dyes, are made with fruit extract and are planet friendly. Plust ehy are Gluten Free, fat free and nut free. So they are probably some of the best candies for those who have allergies or just want some good stuff to snack on with a sweet flavor!

This Holiday season we have stockings to stuff, unique gifts to create, presents to top with the perfect ‘extra’ and a sweet tooth craving that will need to be curbed almost daily. YumEarth and their entire line of candies – from Sour Beans to Lollipops – are here to help. Now that you can pick them up at your local Walgreens, you can grab and go and enjoy all year long!

YumEarth Organic Candy

We think everyone should have a little Holiday Candy! So, (1) of my readers will WIN $25 in assorted YumEarth Organic candy! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway Ends 12/19/2013. Giveaway Open to US Residents, 18+.

Can not guarantee by Christmas delivery!

Congratulations to our winner: Francine A.!!

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