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I am no beauty influencer. I just want to be honest. But I am a woman and I know what I like for my own skin and beauty routine, which is not all that comprehensive, to be honest. I like simple clean with products that feel good on my skin that I believe will work for me. And I don’t want to spend an hour in the bathroom using it. I received the line of Y’OUR Skincare about a month or so ago. I should have posted earlier about it because I fell in love with it night one. This personalized skin care line does feel like it is made just for MY skin! Because, it is. I took the quiz, got my box and am enjoying skincare that seems to understand my skin!

To get started, you can take our quiz and find out what is best for your skin here: y-ourskin.com. We use artificial intelligence to formulate a complete custom skin care regimen for every user.

Summer Special: FREE SHIPPING on all orders

Y’OUR Skincare is a personalized skin care brand made with the highest quality ingredients. The complete skin care set includes 4 products: cleanser, day cream with spf, serum, and night cream. The best part is it is customized to your unique skin profile! This is unique product that keeps you and your skin’s needs in mind!

We take into consideration your age, skin type, living environment, stress, and other factors and use artificial intelligence to identify the best skin care regimen for you. Our formulas use ingredients that have gone through extensive testing and trials, ensuring the most natural and effective products for your unique skin.

Now I don’t know about you. But I never know what to buy at the beauty counter. I don’t really know if my 46 year old skin is normal, oily, combination or some other type I have not paid much attention to. So I love that Y’OUR creates my formula based on my answers. They don’t just take my word for it.

I took the quiz, answering to my best ability, received my regimen and then, as my skin improves and changes, they change the regimen to fit it. Talk about personalization! No more guessing and wasting money on tons of product that have pretty packages for all skin types that really don’t do anything for you!

I really, really like this idea. All I have to do is use Y’OUR. They do all the leg work for me!

Some other awesome highlights of the products are:

Clean ingredients
No fillers
Paraben and toxin free
Made in the USA
No animal testing. Cruelty free

The last one matters to me the most since I am a dog mom and one of beagles, one of the most used breeds for testing because of their trusting temperament. I like products that do not use animals. It makes them that much more desirable to me!

Y’OUR Skincare

You have the option of paying $185 up front for a three month supply or paying $65 a month for 3 months. I spend more than that trying to find what works!

Satisfaction guarantee policy:  Y’OUR offers to reformulate the products for their users for free up to 2 times during the first 3 months to make sure you are completely satisfied. If for any reason, you run out of products ahead of time, they send you one off gifts to make sure you are never out of products as well! How awesome is that?

This IS the future of skin care and I am so glad I was approached to share it with you!

You don’t have to be a beauty influencer to know what a quality product is!

Prove it to yourself!