Yogurt is a mainstay in the American diet. But with so many to choose from, how do you know that you are getting high quality, awesome products that are worth the purchase? Recently, my dear friend – and NEW Recipe contributor, Heather K.- headed to Whole Foods Market to try a new yogurt, Smári! According to Heather, I had a favorite brand of yogurt. But after trying Smári and then certainly after comparing the calories, fat and protein…. I’m sold…I’m switching!

Now, I will tell you more about Smári as we go but I want to share the recipe for Yogurt Filled Oatmeal Cups first!

Yogurt Filled Oatmeal Cups

Seriously, how good do these look? Add any flavor of Smári – Pure, Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla for a flavorful snack or even dessert!  See the recipe below:

Yogurt Filled Oatmeal Cups

Heather and her kids tried out Smári and were truly impressed!  It is ‘Creamy, but not so thick that it feels heavy. Sweet, but not so much that you feel guilty and it actually has 18 whole grams of protein and 0 fat! It is really amazing that it could taste this good and not be horrible for you!’

Smari is the signature thykk yogurt (skyr) of Iceland since the 9th century that kept the Vikings strong through long dark winter has hit our shores. Skyr preserved Icelanders, becoming a part of songs, folk tales, and every table.

Founder Smári Ásmundsson learned the secrets of skyr-making from an 82-year-old dairyman from Egilsstaðir, who advised, “Get the best milk. Skim the fat. Add live cultures. Let it set. Strain the liquid. When it looks really thykk, strain even more.” 

SMARI Yogurt

Smári yogurt has more protein than and yogurt on shelves in the US right now. And, though it is thicker than you might be used to, it is that way because all of the excess water is drained, leaving you a healthier, concentrated yogurt! The cows are grass fed and the yogurt is organic! How awesome is that?

Check for your closest retailer!

A nutritious and delicious food for your whole family!

SMARI Yogurt

Smári yogurt is

·       higher in protein (20g) per serving than any other yogurt in the U.S.

·       made from 4 cups of milk versus only 2-3 cups used for Greek yogurts

·       loaded with calcium and low in sugar

·       thicker and creamier than most other yogurt, even Greek yogurt

·       the only certified organic Icelandic yogurt available

·       made from milk and fruit that are not treated with hormones, pesticides, or herbicides

·       made with milk from the happiest grass-fed Jerseys and Guernseys

·       available in Pure, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Vanilla

Smari Yogurt