Have you ever gotten something in the mail, a gift maybe, that was so awesome you ran and showed everyone you could right away?

That is exactly what I did when I received this adorable Christmas ornament from http://www.ornamentshop.com/Default.asp.  I showed my husband, my neighbor, and my friend that had come by to drop something off.  All of them had the same instant smile, awwwwww, how sweet reaction I did.  You know it is a winner when your husband asks if we could hang it somewhere we could see it now…  a week before Halloween!

Of course, these are not my families names, but on my ornament, double wrapped safely in it’s box, each of our names are neatly written on each gingerbread man and the year, 2010, written on the heart at the bottom.  It has to be the sweetest ornament I now own.
The ornament sells on http://www.ornamentshop.com/Default.asp, for a very reasonable $12.95.  After all, this is not one of those plastic, messy, no attention to detail things you get at the mall.  This is a beautifully designed, glittery, sweet, family treasure that we will love hanging on our tree year after year!
The website, http://www.ornamentshop.com/Default.asp, is incredibly easy to use!  My favorite section, obviously, is the Family Ornaments category.  I had the option to choose from any size family, couples to grandparents, to single parent households!  And each ornament would be personalized for my family and shipped immediately.  
If the other ornaments on this site are anything like the one I received, then this is where you should do your ornament shopping this year!
In my opinion, the quality for the price is outstanding but the value in undefinable.  These will make fantastic gifts for every family!
This site and these ornaments are a definite must for this holiday season!