You guys know I love dogs!  I have two and a few months ago laid my precious Ali to rest.  Dogs have always been a very big part of my life!

I do admit, though, that sometime – a lot more than I would like – they have to take a back seat to the kids, the husband, and life in general.  My two now are mostly outside dogs, by choice, so I try to love on them at night and give them the attention they need as well.

And any time I get to spoil them rotten, I jump on it!

And when I can share with my dog loving readers my spoiling ways, I love it even more!

Meet!  The totally wonderful, enchanting, and fun site that allows you to dress your pup to the nines!

My lab Lexi needed a new collar and leash!  Her old collar, once pink, was fraying and black and  – well, unattractive.  And her leash… well… we’ll just say that it fell victim to puppy jaws a while back!  I have been remiss in getting her new gear because I did not like what was in the stores.  It was all the same Nylon with black plastic clasp, boring stuff!

I may have found her by a fire hydrant, but she has quickly acclimated herself to the Princess lifestyle!

I searched the site, looking for the perfect topper to Lexi’s coat.  I checkedout the  Spring Styles, dreamed in Haute Coutour, and considered a Dog Harness as well.  I checked out the well stocked Clearance Section, searched the Sales & Specials Section, and had some fun in the Designer’s Section.

I finally settled on a set.  The Pink and Brown Argyle with Stripes Martingale Collar and Lead!  Both were less than  $25.00!

I love it!

Notice there is no clip!  The collar is a slip collar that can be adjusted to fit the dog.   But when the leash is attached, the ‘loop’ tightens evenly around the dogs neck and helps the walker have more control of the dog!  It is sort of like a choke chain but much gentler and so much prettier!

Made in the USA, the color is colorfast and made of ‘100% dye – sublimated durable polyester’.  It is machine washable – always a win for me – and is soft to the touch and possibly the nicest collar any of my dogs have had!

The leash is just as pretty, durable, and comfortable to walk with.  I really am impressed with the quality of these products!  They are much nicer, and will last a lot longer, than the typical leashes and collars found at the local store! offers a flat shipping rate of $4.95… no matter how large the order!  And they offer FREE exchanges and returns!

So let’s go shopping for our faithful, four legged friends – they have cat collars too – and for the same money spent at a regular store, get them something that will make them stand out in the crowd!  And add to the pride we have when we take our best friends for a stroll around town!

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