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When I first heard about the WOW Cup, I must admit I was skeptical. Anything that claims to be indestructible or “kid-proof” is immediately on my “must see for myself” list. Fortunately, I was able to do just that. The WOW Cup is a drinking cup that auto-seals after the kid takes a sip of drink. It is not complicated in build as it only has two pieces. You have the cup and the lid and that is it. When I received mine, I instantly went to the kitchen to try it for myself. This is the BEST cup I have used for my kids, ever!!

WOW Cups No Spill Drinking for Kids Review and 3 Cup Giveaway

The first thing I noticed was that it was built rather sturdy. Many items like this feel as though they are flimsy and not likely to last. This one was clearly built to withstand kids. After giving it a good wash (dishwasher safe) I filled it up with some water and twisted on the lid. Cautiously over the sink, I turned it upside down like I had seen on the commercials.

No Spill! Seriously!

WOW Cups No Spill Drinking for Kids Review and 3 Cup Giveaway

Then I went to take a sip out of the rim of the cup. Sure enough, the liquid came out no problem. Then I turned it over again. No Spill! After several minutes of this I was convinced. This product absolutely does what it says and the auto seal technology certainly worked for me.

It is kind of amazing that the rim of the cup knows when to release liquid and when to stay sealed. The technology is very cool and I can see this being a staple in my home full of clumsy drinkers. No more spills for this Momma to clean up!

If you have kids that spill all the time, grab a few of these WOW Cups and your troubles are behind you. They come in four colors including blue, pink, purple and green. Everyone can have one!

WOW Cups No Spill Drinking for Kids Review and 3 Cup Giveaway

In fact, ONE of my readers will get 3 of these WOW cups! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK! (Can not guarantee Christmas delivery)

Giveaway Open to US Residents, 18+. Giveaway Ends 12/24/2014


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