Board games ROCK!  I don’t care how much I play on my phones and tablets, there is something just special about gathering around and playing a good old board game! Hasbro understands this and is all over creating new and fun games for us to enjoy with our families!  My favorites are the twists on the old favorites.

Like Yahtzee.  Who does not remember – and probably still play – this fun dice game that is geared towards out rolling your friends?

World Series of Yahtzee

We, fast forward to now and Yahtzee has gotten and super fun, super fast upgrade!  The NEW World Series of Yahtzee Board Games is fun, exciting and fast!  Updated with a buzzer for each player to hit when they match a card and their dice, this fast moving roll and match game will bring out your competitive spirit!

How fast can you roll to match your dice selection on your cards?

World Series of Yahtzee

This new Yahtzee is super exciting and fun.  They have married the laughter and fun of board games with the excitement of healthy competition!  Your family from ages 8 and up will LOVE this game and families everywhere will enjoy Family Game Night even more!