My kids LOVE games! Matching, board games, any games. We love to spread out in the living room and play until out heart is content! There are some new games with some new favorite friends out now and my kids are loving them! Introducing NEW Disney Princess Frozen Matching Game, Disney Planes Sky Race™ Game and Marvel Matching Game made by Wonder Forge!

New preschool games by Wonder Forge

I have three girls who know every line to the movie FROZEN, every song on the soundtrack and constantly request that we watch it. So you can imagine that the FROZEN matching is a huge hit in our house! With colorful cards that host all of their favorite characters, this game enhances memory and thought process skills. All three girls play all the time – spreading the cards out and laughing together!

FROZEN Matching

The Disney Planes Sky Race is a hit too because it has airplanes that are the game pieces that the kids can fly! Easy to assemble and easy to remember then rules, the game lets kids fly their plane through the Wings Around the Globe Rally to win. But, they have to watch out–flight conditions change and they face surprising challenges. They can toss with their eyes closed, between their legs, lying down, and more! This is a great game for any Planes fan!


Marvel Matching may just be the perfect game for Marvel fans of ALL ages! The classic game of picture-matching now features Marvel Super Heroes! Flip over brightly colored tiles featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America and many more Marvel heroic friends and villains. Pick up the most pairs to win! How can this not be a hit in any household?

MARVEL Matching

I love the new games and my kids do too! Anything that encourages family play is A-OK with me!

Have you checked out any new games lately? I would love to hear about your families favorite! Leave a comment below!

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