Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls and Wall Friends Review

Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls and Wall Friends Review

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Are you looking for some new wall decorations for your kids?  Are they (and you) getting tired of the same posters, canvases, and pictures?  Oh boy, you’re going to love these!  You need to try Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls and Wall Friends!  Seriously- these bring  your walls to life and make bedtime (or playtime, or ANY time) more fun!Allow me to start with the Wild Walls.  We were given the Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls Shark Encounter.  When my son saw this, and it was still in the box, he said to me “Mom, we HAVE to go put this on my wall NOW.  This thing is SO cool!”.  So if it was that cool IN the box…..

wild walls

…Just imagine how cool it is OUT of the box!  Well, we couldn’t hold out any longer, so up the stairs Joe and I went with our his Wild Walls.  Once we got up there I took everything out of the box while he was deciding where we were going to place the wallscape.  I laid everything out and started reading the directions.  Now, I probably should have read these BEFORE getting him all excited and taking everything out, because in big letters for step #2 it says : DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.    You DO need to remove the decal sheet from the box and lay it flat for 24-48 hours (or until the sheet doesn’t want to curl anymore) before applying the decals to your wall.  I explained this to Joe (who took it better than I did) and we laid everything out on his desk.  Twenty-four-ish hours later we checked the decal sheet and it was ready to use.  About 5 minutes later the decals were up, the light and sound box was installed and Joe’s wall was officially transformed into an ocean!

wild walls

Seriously, who wouldn’t think that this is one of the coolest things EVER?  Well guess what.  It gets better.   I know, you’re sitting there looking at the picture and thinking “What on earth is she talking about?  HOW can it get better than this?”  Brace yourself.  The Shark Encounter Wild Wall has SOUND!  I know, I know….as a parent the LAST thing you want to hear is that something for your children makes noise (or is that just me?).  I assure you, this is not annoying or obnoxious or super loud.  I would try to explain it to you- but I can’t describe it and convey how incredibly awesome this is…so….just watch this short video.

       After all of our excitement with the Shark Encounter, Lorelai asked if it was finally (in the 6-going-on-18 voice) time to try out her Uncle Milton’s Wall Friend.  After experiencing the awesomeness of our Wild Walls, I wasn’t ready to quit yet, so I agreed.


wild walls

I didn’t think it was possible, but the Wall friends are even easier to set up than the Wild Walls.  All we had to do to set  up was install 3- AA batteries in Cinderella, 2-AA batteries in the remote, and mount Cinderella on the wall (I did set the brightness to low, since it is in her bedroom).  Viola!  Everything was all set up, now all I had to do was wait for Lorelai so we could try it out with the remote.

wild walls

When Lorelai FINALLY came back to her room, it was time to try our her new Wall Friend.  The remote is super easy.  There’s one button, that’s all!  Just point the remote at Cinderella, press the button and she talks!  She says various phrases like: “A dream is a wish that comes from the heart!”, “Why hello! I’m so very glad you’re my friend!”, and a few others.  And just like the Wild Walls, the Wall Friends light has an automatic shut off, so Lorelai can have a conversation with Cinderella before bed and we don’t have to worry about it being on all night and the batteries wearing down quickly.

I highly recommend Uncle Milton’s products.  You can see more of what they have to offer (the different Wall Friends, Wild Walls, and SO much more!) and even purchase your own Wall Friend or Wild Walls on their website.  I also recommend following Uncle Milton’s on Twitter and on Facebook.

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