I adore Wholly Guacamole.  From Regular to Spicy, the guacamole is smooth and creamy and just the right blend of spices to make my tastebuds do a happy dance.  And I am a guacamole critic as I make my own!  So for me to like a packaged product must mean it is pretty.darn.good!

Well now… drum roll please, Wholly Guacamole is unveiling Wholly Salsa!  In fact, you may have seen them as they hit the shelved in May 2012!

I’ll give you a moment to wipe the drool from your chin!

I was the very lucky recipient of 8 of the flavors they are offering.  From fruity flavors like Pineapple and Red Pepper Mango to Roasted Tomato to the classic Mild, Medium and Spicy – yea baybee – these are delicious and palette pleasing!

Made with all natural ingredients, Wholly Salsa’s are preservative and additive free and… FAT FREE, GLUTEN FREE and Kosher certified.  They covered all of the bases!  They are so thoughtful!

I received all of the flavors and three packages of my favorite guacamole and immediately wanted to share them with my friends!  I like to do that, you know (no worries, I’ll share with you guys in a minute, keep reading).  So I headed over to dinner at a neighbors house and took my box.

We all wholeheartedly LOVED the Guacamole and Spicy Pico.  Duh! They have perfected Guacamole, after all.  The Mango had a sweet flavor that would be perfect over chicken or veggies or tossed in a spicy taco!   And the classic medium added a little kick to the tortilla chips!

I want to try the Pinapple over my favorite fish… imagine the fish tacos I could create, and I am dying to try the Roasted Tomato as a topper to turkey meatloaf.  So many ideas…

Get your coupons on the Wholly Guacamole Facebook Page too! 

How would you use your Wholly Salsa’s?  And which flavors have you tried or do you want to try!  I am all ears!

And because Wholly Guacamole is so Wholly Generous, one (1) of my readers will win a package similar to the one I got!  All you have to do is buy chips and enter using the simple Rafflecopter form below:

**I received the products for review purposes only.  I was under no obligation to share my thoughts.  My opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure statement for more information.**

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