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It is so easy to fall into the same old same old dinner routine.  At least, for me, I cook the same things week after week – always things I know my kids will eat – but wish for variety and tastes that are different.  I have always believed that you can dress up a meal with guacamole.  So I am excited to be using many varieties of Wholly Guacamole in my cooking to add a little more flavor without a ton of effort!

Wholly Guacamole @eatWholly

I love Wholly Guacamole.  From the flavors to the convenient packaging, they make eating and cooking with guacamole delicious!  I like the NEW Avocado Ranch and it’s tangy, creamy flavor is awesome.  I got the 100 calorie packs and having it with pita chips or veggie chips makes a delicious snacking alternative that is better for me than most.

We all know that Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa can be used as dips.  But how about a real ingredient in meals?

Every Monday a wonderful recipe from an Avocado Banana Smoothie to a Chilled Avocado Soup is shown on the Wholly Guacamole YouTube Channel!   And some of these recipes are AMAZING!  I wanted to try several for you before I talked about them but I got busy with summer.

Wholly Guacamole @eatWholly

But that does not mean I am not incorporating Wholly Guacamole and Salsa’s into my daily meals!

One of my favorite “getting healthier” meals these days is lemon and dill salmon and brown rice.  But topping it with cesar dressing or lemon butter sauce always makes me feel like I am discounting the health benefits of the meal.  So the other day, when making my dinner, I decided to top it with Avocado Ranch and see if the flavors would gel.

It was SO GOOD!  The creamy, tangy flavor of the Wholly Guacamole brought out the dill of the fish and added a soft flavor that was complimentary to the flavorful fish.  And then I added some to the brown rice instead of butter and it was a strange texture but it was awesome!

Wholly Guacamole @eatWholly

I love the flavor of guacamole and being able to add that to dishes I already love is a bonus.  Be sure to check out more recipes on the YouTube channel and then come back and tell me how you cook with Wholly Guacamole!

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