It is almost here.  That time to dress up the kids, hand them a bucket, and send them out to collect a myriad of candy in the name of Trick-or-Treating.  It is a favorite time in our house!

And it can be an expensive time as well!  That is why I am so glad that there are great websites with quality products that I can search and order from that won’t break my piggy bank!

Like, the Halloween superstore that carries it all for very affordable prices!

I grabbed my middle daughter, Sarah, who is in need of a costume for this year’s festivities and combed through outfit after outfit with her.  She could not decide between a girls Disney costume or one of her favorite TV costumes.  With so many choices, the “I want that’s” were getting out of hand.

So, I narrowed it down and made her choose from the Disney costumes.

It was between the Snow White child’s costume and the Tinkerbell Ballerina Costume.  After deciding that she and Megan could both be Tinkerbell’s, I sat her down, waited for my knee to wake up and pushed order!  At under $20, it was totally affordable!

The costume arrived, much to Sarah’s happiness – and mine because she would finally stop asking about it, and she tried it on!  It fit her just right and she wore it the rest of the day.  And the next day.

The costume is great!  Good quality, easy to get a little one into and easy for a child to move in.  Perfect for a night of door to door candy collecting!

And then she dressed Megan up in her costume, left over from last year, and they had a grand ole time as twin Tinkerbell’s!  I can not wait for Halloween to dress them up!

On your Halloween costume shop, be sure to check out and check out their great deals and amazing selection!

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