My children are big music fans and any chance we can involve age appropriate tunes, we certainly listen!  So we loved when we got When the World Was New in the mail!

These songs are written for Education AND Entertainment~ Yep, this is a parenting score!

New Music for Kids: "When The World Was New" by Dean Jones ~A Review~

The music is soft and happy and involves real issues in which my 1st grader can relate.

  • When the World Was New
  • Snail Mail
  • A Sparrow’s Soul
  • Human Bean
  • Stand with me
  • I Tried to Make a Friend
  • Outshining Nomads
  • Prehensile Grip
  • Join a Rock’n”Roll Band
  • Peace in the Valley
  • Absurd
  • I Feel Like I Live in a Dream

New Music for Kids: "When The World Was New" by Dean Jones ~A Review~

These songs will make your little ones dance and jiggle around with glee~ As a parent, I can honestly say that watching my tiny tot dancing around to “What’s the word little bird, it’s absurd” has absolutely made my day!  My (almost 4 year old) is in music and dance heaven!

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 Jones has produced several other family music albums, including award-winning titles by Recess Monkey, Elizabeth Mitchell and Uncle Rock, with more in the works this year in his Hudson River Valley Strawbale No Parking Studio.

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