One of the things I have to do this year is get in shape!  And I am having to do more than just eat right because I am an almost 40 woman and it just does not happen as easily as it used to!   SO ‘What’s My Sport?”.  My preferred sport is Tennis.  Love it.  Played it growing up. Was kind of good at it.  But it is hard to find someone to play with and then find help with the kids!  So late last year, I signed up for Jazzercise!  Now, I LOVE Jazzercise!  I wish I could find time to go every day but it just is not possible.  SO I also utilize some great work out DVD’s that I have.  But no matter what sport I do, I need high quality, easy to breath, comfortable work out clothes to exercise in.  And, hopefully some that don’t make me look like I am not as wiggly jiggly as I probably am!

So I was SUPER excited to be offered a pair of NEW Jockey Sport Shaping Crop Leg pants. Retailing at only $44, I can honestly say they are totally worth the price!  And since I am one of the first to ever wear a pair, I am thrilled that I can tell you that I love them!

First of all, they are incredibly comfortable.  Like “I could wear these all day, every day” comfortable.  In fact, I take my sweet time taking them off when I am done exercising.  They fit really well, make me feel great about wearing them – I don’t feel like I am stuffed into them – and the material is soft and flexible.

Now, in my sports of choice, there is a lot of bouncing and jumping around.  Especially during the aerobic part of Jazzercise and the exercise DVD’s.  One of my largest gripes about other work out gear is that they slide down in the back causing me to constantly pull on them.  Also, because I am a bit ‘larger’ I get a rash sometimes in areas due to the friction.

The Jockey Sport Shaping Crop Leg pants solve both problems.  They do not slide down in the back during a rigorous aerobic set nor do they leave me in pain.  Plus, when I leave work out class and head out in public, I have that ‘bounce’ that you get when you just feel like you look good!  The cropped leg is so adorable with tennis shoes and I just love the spring in my step wearing them!

Check out my video below:

Here are some more quick facts about the New Jockey Sport Shaping Crop Leg Pants:

  • power mesh lining for tummy control
  • contour seams for rear lift and shaping
  • moisture wicking fabric and wicking gusset
  • fitted styling through entire style
  • extends approx. to mid-calf

Fabric Content: 88% nylon/ 12% spandex. Machine wash and dry. Imported.

Next time you are out and about, pick up a pair of the NEW Jockey Sport Shaping Crop Leg Pants and discover how really comfortable and stylish work out pants can help keep you even more motivated to keep up with your sport!  You can order them online too!

And then come back and tell me “What’s Your Sport” and how these great new work out pants made your work out even better too!

*I received this product for review purposes only.  All opinions are my own.  Please see my disclaimer page for more information.*