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What is Radon?

Truth time. I have never heard of Radon nor did I realize it was such a dangerous thing world wide. I did not know that an estimated 21,000 people each year are dying due to lung cancer developed after radon exposure. According to the Surgeon General’s Office, Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Since I am in the dark, hearing that there is a device that I can have in my home to help me know for sure if my home has the odorless gas, Radon, is a real benefit. An affordable device is the Corentium Digital Radon Monitor.

A Radon monitor can help you detect cancer causing gases in your home.

What is unique about radon, however, is that the dangers are preventable and controllable, and there is great technology on the market that’s helping empower people to take control of their air quality.

Why You Need to Be Aware of It?

A new study released by the American Cancer Society found women living in counties with high radon exposure had a 63 percent higher risk of blood cancer than those living in counties with low radon levels. While this new research points to the dangers specifically for women, radon exposure affects the population more broadly. It is completely odorless, tasteless and colorless – and it’s prevalent in many homes without people knowing it.  It is a globally pervasive health risk that is, unfortunately, not widely understood or acknowledged.

The Corentium Digital Radon Monitor is an easy to use monitor for your home.

The Corentium Digital Radon Monitor is a battery operated, accurate and reliable monitor that can tell you if you have Radon gas in your home. Since Radon is tasteless and colorless, having a sensitive monitor that can help you deal with and avoid exposure is ideal.

I have had it in my home for a little while and am sort of obsessed with looking at it. So far, my averages are pretty minimal but I love knowing that if there are any changes, I can take care of it. For a mom who has kids and animals in the home, knowing that I can at least monitor and deal with a risk I didn’t know about, Radon, is a relief.

The Radon Digital Monitor helps me watch the Radon levels in my home. #ad

The Corentium team is committed to helping educate consumers on their ability to take a proactive approach to monitoring and identifying air quality issues. Its home device, sold via Corentium.com and Amazon, is giving consumers the ability to better safeguard themselves and their families. In addition, air quality is the ultimate in health and wellness- yet so many consumers focus on organic groceries and Fitbit devices, leaving out monitoring of a fundamental component of their well being (and that of their families).